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Frequently Asked Questions

​1.) How can you save us money?
A: Yes. Hiring full time employees requires training, supervision as well as expensive company benefits.  We will also save you money on tax preparation as your books will be “tax ready” from our monthly maintenance.

2.) How much are your fees?
A: We offer our clients flexible and cost effective rates that are customized to their full service bookkeeping and accounting needs.  Contact us at info@xactaccountingservices.com for your free, no obligation quote.

3.) Are you less expensive than my CPA?
A: Yes, our rates are more flexible and economical than the average CPA firm. We have received several referrals from CPA firms that wish to save their clients money and tax time with their books.

4.) What accounting software do you use?
A: We use QuickBooks as our basic accounting software. We do have extensive experience with other accounting software such as Peachtree or Xero.

5.) What reports will I receive?
A: Profit & loss, balance sheet as well as other reports that are based upon your business needs.

6.) What information will you need?
A: Basic information includes monthly bank and credit card statements, check copies/stubs, vendor invoices, employee information etc.

7.) Do you work out of state clients and if so, how do we exchange information with you?
A: Yes. Through modern technology, we have devised a fast and simple system that enables us to exchange information with clients throughout the USA.

8.) I recently started my business; can you help with setting up my books?

A: Yes. We will gather all the necessary information we need to properly set up your company’s beginning balances and accounts. After your company is set up, we’ll make sure your books are maintained on a regular basis.

9.) I haven’t updated my books in months, can you help me?
A: Yes. After an initial review of your business, we’ll provide you with a list of items we’ll need (i.e. bank and credit card statements) to get your books up to date and on track.  

 10.) Initially, I would like you to do the bookkeeping in my office, do you offer this?
A: Yes.  For local clients, we do offer this value added service. We will work with you to determine the best plan and rates for this service.